Lawrence Jin

I am an assistant professor of economics at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. I received BA in Mathematics & Economics and PhD in Economics from Cornell University. For research, I use both econometric and experimental methods to study topics in behavioral economics, health economics, and public policy.

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Misinformation, consumer risk perceptions, and markets: The impact of an information shock on vaping and smoking cessation

(with Donald Kenkel, Michael Lovenheim, Alan Mathios, and Hua Wang)

Economic Inquiry (forthcoming)

Path dependency in physician decisions 

Lawrence Jin, Rui Tang, Han Ye, Junjian Yi, and Songfa Zhong

Review of Economic Studies, 2023

Human-capital investments as a commitment device

Lawrence Jin, Minwook Kang

Economic Modelling, 2023

Addiction, present-bias, and self-restraint 

Lawrence Jin, Minwook Kang

Southern Economic Journal, 2022

Assessing the impact of novelty and conformity on hesitancy towards COVID-19 vaccines using mRNA technology 

Ching Leong, Lawrence Jin, Dayoung Kim, Jeongbin Kim, Yik Ying Teo, and Teck-Hua Ho

Communications Medicine, 2022

Time dependency in physician decision-making 

Lawrence Jin, Rui Tang, Han Ye, Junjian Yi, and Songfa Zhong

American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, 2020

Sleep, health, and human capital: Evidence from daylight saving time

Lawrence Jin, Nicolas Ziebarth

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2020

Retrospective and prospective benefit-cost analysis of US anti-smoking policies 

Lawrence Jin, Donald S. Kenkel, Feng Liu, and Hua Wang

Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 2015

On the relationship between university education and economic growth: the role of professors’ publication 

Jang C. Jin, Lawrence Jin

Education Economics, 2014

Research publications and economic growth: Evidence from cross-country regressions 

Jang C. Jin, Lawrence Jin

Applied Economics, 2013

Peri-operative blood transfusion increases length of hospital stay and number of postoperative complications in non-cardiac surgical patients 

Wendy F. Bower, Lawrence Jin, Malcolm J. Underwood, Y. H. Lam, and Paul B. Lai

Hong Kong Medical Journal, 2010

Overt diabetes mellitus adversely affects surgical outcomes of noncardiovascular patients

Wendy F. Bower, Lawrence Jin, Malcolm J. Underwood, Janet F. Lee, Kit F. Lee, Yuk H. Lam, Sui K. Ng, Alexander C. Vlantis, and Paul B. Lai

Surgery, 2010